100 x Portable Toilet Paper, Disposable Toilet Seat Cover, Toilet Covers for Travel Toilet, Camping Toilet, Portable Potty, Travel Potty, 100pcs Portable Eco-Friendly Bio-Degradable Paper

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  • Convenient to carry: Small and exquisite independent package, universal size design, suitable for various occasions like a travel potty seat, portable potty seat, airplane seat cover, etc. It is a must-have bathroom paper for travel, escorting your safety at any time.
  • Environmental protection: This paper uses environmentally friendly biodegradable paper, which brings you a different clean experience with the toilet seat bucket and also contributes to environmental protection.
  • Healthy use: No matter where you are, you can isolate dirt with toilet seat cushion of this portable toilet seat paper, and prevent sewage from penetrating the surface from contacting your skin, allowing you to enjoy a clean environment at any time.
  • Prevent splashing and non-slip: the toilet paper is laid flat on the toilet seat. The middle part of the toilet paper falls naturally to prevent splashing. You can also tear off the middle part to dry the toilet lid.At the same time, the unique design increases the friction between the biodegradable toilet paper and the toilet ring, effectively preventing sliding.
  • Professional after-sales service: We provide professional after-sales service for every order, so that your purchase will have no worries. If there is any problems with the toilet paper cover, please feel free to contact us, we will handle it for you within 24 hours until you are satisfied


Sometimes we desire for a trip, actually we are not want to see the views of mountains, seas or something else. Maybe just the soul are controlled for too long. We need to find the real ourselves. This may be the significance of every travel. When you are travelling, take the potable toilet seat covers with you to ensure a basic healthy lifestyle. No matter where you are, the potable travel toilet seat covers are suitable for you just like take a your own bathroom with you, both environmentally friendly and safe. We promise to give you different cleanliness. We hope the anti-fouling function of this potable toilet paper will always carry the comfortable feeling to you. Take it out and enjoy a clean toilet experience at anytime and anywhere. We have 8 packs in one, single piece is packaged separatelyto meet the basic needs. The toilet seat covers are made of bio-degradable materials. It can be soluble in water. A must-have for travelers. With its cut-in design, the toilet paper is not easy to slide or offset. Take a few pieces when you go out, you no longer need to worry about toilet issues.